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Finding the Right Healthcare Option for Your Company

As a company leader, you know that high quality healthcare comes with a cost — often a very high one. Although it can be tempting to reduce various healthcare offerings to save  a little (or a lot of) cash, your business’ healthcare benefits don’t have to suffer because of a high healthcare price tag. So let’s answer a few healthcare FAQs and to ensure your employees receive the care they need at a price you are more likely to afford. Healthcare expenses are often my 2nd or 3rd largest cost. How can I cut my healthcare expenses? Finding everything you need is no easy task. Companies claiming to solve healthcare challenges are everywhere. Before you begin searching for healthcare partners, make a list… read more

How ACOs Can Help Your Bottom Line

If you’re a company leader, chances are you’ve seen or heard the acronym ACO. But do you know what an ACO really is and how it can benefit your employees and your company? Read on to learn more about Accountable Care Organizations and how businesses, in particular, can benefit from a partnership with an ACO. What’s an ACO? ACOs, or Accountable Care Organizations, were created as part of the Accountable Care Act (ACA) to provide affordable, accessible healthcare to Medicare patients. While ACOs were originally designed to serve Medicare patients, they have expanded and can sometimes include new populations, like self-insured employers and people who purchase their insurance off of the Federal Exchange at In an ACO, groups of doctors,… read more