For most employers, healthcare costs only go one direction — up. MissionPoint Health Partners has a track record of bending the trend downward, offering a different approach to healthcare that’s proven to lower costs through a clinically integrated network of providers, a unique high-touch care management system, robust data analytics and smart benefit design.

MissionPoint currently serves more than 250,000 members in seven states across the U.S., leveraging technology and individualized care to help employers reduce healthcare costs, while also providing a better member experience to employees and plan members.

“I feel so relieved to have someone to call when I’m stuck and don’t know what to do. This can be so overwhelming and I appreciate that I know I can call you.” – Member, Indianapolis, IN

We work with employers in a number of ways, from assessing the current health status of an organization’s workforce and prioritizing interventions to offering access to our existing integrated care networks to creating custom networks for larger employers.


MissionPoint also offers customized on-site clinics, wellness services and Care-at-a-Distance telemedicine services to give employees easier access to primary and specialty care resources.

If you would like to learn more about how MissionPoint Health Partners can reduce your healthcare costs, contact the Business Development team at (844) 254-7805.