One of the biggest gaps in today’s healthcare system is the fact that many people don’t have easy, timely access the primary care and preventative services they need to get and stay healthy.

Our customized on-site and multi-employer sponsored clinics are designed to fill this gap, making it easy for employees to get care when they need it. We’ve found that breaking down barriers to care improves employee health, reducing sick days and healthcare costs while boosting employee retention and morale.

MissionPoint works closely with employers to identify specific needs and gain a better understanding of the drivers of their healthcare costs. We then develop custom solutions that meet each employer’s unique needs and benefit design.

MissionPoint clinics are staffed by a physician or nurse practitioner who treats patients in coordination with the employee’s primary care provider (PCP). If a patient doesn’t have a PCP, the nurse practitioner helps them connect with one after providing initial treatment. Depending on the needs of employers, our clinics can be available for the dependents of employees and employees who are not enrolled in the employer’s health plan.

We treat more than acute conditions. We focus on holistic care, often referring employees to other benefits offered by the employer and to community and wellness resources to further improve their health status. We also work closely with employees who are struggling to manage a chronic disease, offering clinical and coaching support to help employees reach their best health.

Mission Point clinic helps the Jimenez Family envision a brighter future.

On-site clinic helps employee get back to work faster after a tough illness.

For more information on MissionPoint’s onsite clinics, contact Business Development at (844) 254-7805