Health Partners are at the heart of our clinical management model and a key part of what sets MissionPoint apart.

Health Partners, are experienced nurses, counselors and healthcare experts working locally in each of our markets as a resource for our members (also known as your employees and health plan members). Health Partners work one-on-one with members, helping them navigate a wide range of questions and challenges. From understanding a new diagnosis to managing medications to solving transportation challenges, Health Partners get to know members, so their healthcare inventions are personalized to each member’s unique needs.

A personalized approach

These experienced healthcare professionals and social workers act as an extension of the provider community. They provide added support when it’s needed most: after an ER visit, hospital stay or new diagnosis. Our advanced technology notifies Health Partners of members’ health events within minutes of an admission into our network and provides them with relevant medical data so that Health Partners can work hand-in-hand with members and providers.

What makes our model unique is that Health Partners address non-clinical barriers that often get in the way of a patient getting healthy. For example, Health Partners can work with members to help them navigate difficult family dynamics, manage anxiety and depression, problem solve around common challenges like transportation and medication expenses, and find support resources in their local communities.

Some of our services include:

  • Visiting members during and after a hospital visit
  • Visiting patients in the ER and following up after they return home
  • Reviewing discharge instructions after a hospital or ER visit
  • Home visits
  • Medication and safety checks
  • Coordinating appointments and preparing patients for appointments
  • Arranging for transportation
  • Chronic disease management, such as for diabetes, COPD or heart disease
  • Health coaching, including healthier eating, losing weight, overcoming insomnia and smoking cessation
  • Connecting members with social and community resources, including mental and behavioral healthcare resources
  • Caregiver support
  • Answer questions about billing issues or coverage
  • Helping members establish or reinforce relationships with primary care providers
  • Helping members find specialists or specialty care

MissionPoint proactively reaches out to those members who are identified by our analytics as the most in need of support. And, since we are working directly with providers, our member engagement rates far exceed the national average.

Providers can refer members for Health Partner services at any time and members can self-refer if they need additional support. Health Partners work closely with providers to ensure each clinician is up to date on a member’s progress.

This hands-on approach is working. Combined with our lower cost, high quality networks and our analytics, MissionPoint is saving clients an average of 8 – 12% after 18 months.

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