What is Population Health Management?

Population health management utilizes a variety of individual, organizational and cultural interventions to help improve the health of members. Population health management is the next generation of the older, better-known disease management model, evolving from the days of simply addressing preventable diseases and lowering total plan costs. It’s true that individuals with chronic conditions are the highest-cost users of a health plan and have the greatest potential for improved health status. But the more reliable way to improve health outcomes and cut costs today is a significant evolution on that now ubiquitous model.

PHM takes a more comprehensive, strategic approach, with a greater emphasis on population and risk analysis, focusing direct resources on high-cost and high-risk members, individualized health coaching, and continuous data analysis to drive even better results.

MissionPoint Health Partners is observing that when employer-sponsored health plans address both a plan member’s clinical needs and the systemic pressures that are key to shaping healthy vs. non-healthy behavior — and when those needs and pressures are addressed in a manner that meets the unique needs and risk profile of each person — plan members achieve more Healthy Days, and costs are reduced.

We’ve put together an infographic to visually explain what population health is.

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