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The Health Partner: What Self-insured Employers Need to Know [Infographic]

Care guides can play a vital part in keeping healthcare costs down, and MissionPoint takes them to the next level with its Health Partners.

Health Partners are care guides that work one-on-one with high-cost, high-risk medical plan members to help lower costs. This unique partnership can translate into less money spent on healthcare, while members get added services to help them stay well, ultimately helping both a self-insured employer’s bottom line and its associates’ well-being.

Health Partners are not utilization managers – they are nurses, social workers, and other health experts who work directly with members as an extension of physicians (they don’t just make phone calls from remote locations). They connect members to local resources and remove the barriers standing between patients and better health. We’ve put together an easy-to-read infographic that explains just how Health Partners lower costs, and how MissionPoint combines their expertise with technology to identify those who need help the most.

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