As a health system, you understand the business of healthcare. You also understand that healthcare costs are continuing to rise, often compressing already tight margins. Born from a leading health system and owned by Ascension, the largest not-for-profit hospital company in the nation, MissionPoint Health Partners understands the challenges that face health systems.

Our population health model is powered by a number of components to help drive down costs and drive up volumes. Population 360 is the first piece of our model that helps decrease the overall healthcare expenditures of a health system.

Our Population 360 analysis lets us develop deep insights into specific populations, helping identify key opportunities for improving the health of employees and plan members, while identifying interventions that can help lower costs. This tool helps us – and you – work smarter.

This powerful analytical tool allows us to:

  • Assess drivers of high costs to proactively engage high-risk populations
  • Identify emerging risk individuals
  • Pinpoint gaps in clinical care, including annual screenings, flu shots, designating a PCP
  • Analyze usage and cost trends and compare them to benchmarks
  • Evaluate the financial impact of benefit design changes


It’s all part of a larger technology framework that gives us the information we need to drive innovations in care delivery for our clients and members. Innovations that allow us to fulfill our deeply held commitment to helping members achieve their best health while lowering the cost of healthcare.

Based on several years of claims data, Population 360 is the first step in understanding how MissionPoint can bend the cost curve for an employer. Powered with a deep understanding of your unique issues, we can craft a plan that reaches out to high cost/high utilizing members and provides them with the support they need to improve their health status. Population 360 also enables us to predict which individuals are “at risk” of being high risk in the near future. This insight allows us to proactively reach out to these members and provide services to help them manage their health needs. Further, Population 360 continues to evaluate the employee population after MissionPoint’s services begin, allowing us to track the impact of specific initiatives and create custom campaigns if new trends emerge.

For more information on MissionPoint’s Population 360 analytics tool and what it can do for your health system, contact us at (844) 254-7805