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Medicare Advantage News: Community partners, providers can be used to reach high-risk members

According to an article by Medicare Advantage news, using tactics such as community partners, data to identify those at the highest risk of noncompliance and costly claims, and sharing risks with providers can lead to closing care gaps and managing risks.

MissionPoint Health Partners works with providers and data to focus on members who are at the highest risk of rising costs and identify the root causes, then mitigates those with interventions by their teams of Health Partners.

“People move in and out of these buckets, so what we really want to do is figure out which ones are going to go to that [high-cost] bucket and prevent it, and [support the providers of those members who] are staying in the bucket,” said Dr. Jordan Asher, TITLE of MissionPoint Health Partners.

Read more in Vol. 22 of Medicare Advantage News, published July 26 (subscription required).