At MissionPoint Health Partners, we know how difficult navigating the healthcare system can be. That’s why we designed a new approach, one focused on personalized care and easy access to the resources you need to achieve your best health.

Our goal at MissionPoint is to improve the health of our members, while also reducing the overall cost of care. Through an innovative combination of solutions, we are able to offer members access to a broader range of healthcare services while also lowering out-of-pocket healthcare costs. We treat the whole person, not just a disease state.

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Some of our services for members include:


Access to Health Partners
Health Partners are skilled nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals who give you personalized support. They can help you with doctor appointments and transportation, medication questions, lifestyle changes, assist your transition home after an inpatient stay, and community resources. Learn more about Health Partners.

Clinically integrated networks
MissionPoint Health Partners offers a network of care providers, facilities and ancillary services committed to providing high-quality care at a lower cost. Since our network is clinically integrated, your health data and overall healthcare is more coordinated across our providers and facilities. Learn more about the MissionPoint Provider Network.

Assistance in finding a Primary Care Provider or specialist
We can help you find a Primary Care Provider or specialists to proactively manage your health or help you manage chronic conditions. By choosing an in-network Primary Care Provider, you’ll save money while receiving coordinated care from providers with quality track records.

Help navigating your healthcare benefits
Our Member Services team is available to translate your healthcare benefits and ensure your questions are answered. We know healthcare can get complicated, and we’re here to help. Give us a call at 1-855-288-6747.

Help managing a chronic condition
Our Health Partners can help you manage chronic conditions through lifestyle, stress and mental health support, and medication and care coordination. Some of the chronic conditions we help manage include: arthritis, asthma, CHF, COPD, depression, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and more.

Contact us via email or phone at 1-855-288-6747 to learn more.

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