A key component of MissionPoint’s success in improving the health status of our members while lowering overall healthcare costs is our ability to create clinically integrated networks in the communities we serve. We unite high quality health systems and providers with sophisticated technology and data to create networks that successfully deliver on the promise of improving the health status of members while also reducing costs.

Our clinically integrated networks include:

  • Primary care providers who serve as the centralized and initial point of care for most members.
  • Specialists across a wide range of specialty areas who coordinate with a member’s primary care provider.
  • Hospital-based physicians such as radiology and emergency medicine
  • Outpatient facilities such as rehab, imaging, and outpatient surgery centers
  • Inpatient facilities that demonstrate high quality metrics, are well-respected in the community and committed to population health.
  • Ancillary and post-acute providers to ensure there are no gaps in care.

Wrapped around our entire clinically integrated network are our Health Partners, trained clinicians and social workers who work directly with members and providers to coordinate care, remove both clinical and non-clinical barriers to care and help connect members with community resources.

By integrating our providers into a single network, we’re able to align incentives system-wide, improving member outcomes and reducing costs while generating new revenue for high quality providers. Benefits to providers include shared savings payments, as well as additional incentives for expanding member access with extended hours or email support.

Read our story, or see how Health Partners act as an extension of our networks into the everyday lives of members.

To learn more about MissionPoint’s networks, call (855) 288-6747.