Designate your Primary Care Provider

Designating your Primary Care Provider is the first step toward a better healthcare experience.

Designation is quick and easy to do, and helps us better coordinate your care.

Visit the MissionPoint Provider Marketplace to designate a Primary Care Provider, or search for in-network doctors and facilities. Select a provider for yourself and each member of your family by logging in.

MPHP Provider Marketplace

Follow the instructions below:

1) Log in to the Marketplace

Visit the MissionPoint Provider Marketplace and log in.

  • Login ID: Your last name followed by the last four numbers of your Social Security number.
  • Password: Your birthdate in the MMDDYYY format.

2) Search for a Primary Care Provider

Click on the “Physician Search” tab at the top of the page. Search by physician or practice name, locations or zip code.

Click on the desired provider’s name.

3) Designate your Primary Care Provider

Once you’ve selected a provider, click on “Designate as Primary Care Physician.” Select the family member who will receive care from that physician, and repeat for any additional family members.

4) Keep your designation current

Have you or a family member changed Primary Care Providers? Don’t forget to designate new Primary Care Providers using steps 1-3! Keeping your Primary Care Provider updated helps claims processing.


If you still need help, contact us at 1-855-288-6747 or We can help you designate Primary Care Providers for yourself and your family members, or help you find in-network doctors and facilities at lower costs.