1. Wellness

    Finding the missing link

    St. Mary’s Medical Center physician meets patients’ needs with MissionPoint help

  2. Wellness

    Physician promotes preventive care at all life stages to achieve optimum health

  3. Wellness

    Doctor connects the dots on better care, better health for patients

  4. Wellness

    Physician partners with patients to successfully navigate healthcare system

  5. Wellness

    Longtime GI doctor promotes screenings as easy, pain-free lifesavers

  6. Wellness

    A positive messenger

    Doctor relies on teamwork with patients to set and achieve wellness goals

  7. Wellness

    5 Ways to Prepare for Flu Season

  8. Wellness

    Physician works to provide wellness care to the whole family

  9. Wellness

    The Importance of Preventive Care

  10. Wellness

    Bad weather? Move your exercise indoors