5 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Vacation

Sit Back, Relax and Take the Stress Out of Travel

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Wanna get away? Warmer weather and longer days means that it’s time to start planning your summer vacation. A vacation can help you feel rejuvenated, newly motivated, and give you a fresh perspective on life.

But while they’re relaxing, vacations can also be stressful if you don’t plan ahead. Follow these five easy steps and you’ll be on the road to a fun and exciting adventure:

1. Do your research in advance.

The more you know before you leave the better. Before you book a flight, hotel room or other accommodations, check the price first. Look into trip details such as public transportation, restaurant options and other purchases. A delayed flight or canceled reservation can wreak havoc on your itinerary and cost you a lot of money.

2. Set a budget.

Drawing up a budget can help you save on unwanted expenses. Determine the most significant costs first, such as flights, a hotel and a car rental, and then create a separate list for meals and entertainment. A little splurge every now and then is worth it: Leave a room in your budget for special purchases like souvenirs and last-minute activities.

3. Think before you pack.

Pack lightweight clothing that can be layered – shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets – along with comfortable walking shoes. Avoid the temptation to bring your entire closet along with you. Too much luggage can cause you unwanted stress at the airport, hotel and throughout your trip.

4. Make a list of necessities.

Keep a plastic bag or purse with essentials items including your passport, ID, boarding pass and credit cards. Have separate storage for prescriptions, eyeglasses, hand sanitizer and other personal items so that they are close by.

5. Establish a daily routine.

You should keep meals and bedtimes on a regular schedule if possible. Stray from your comfort zone and you may start to feel tired and stressed. But remember to relax and let yourself enjoy a new experience.

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