5 Tips for Avoiding Injury Around the Barbecue Grill

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Hot dog or hamburger? It’s almost summertime, so people across the country are getting out the grill and enjoying a backyard barbecue. Grilling can be good for your health. Throw on a few of your favorite vegetables — zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, yellow squash — and you have the makings of a nutritious meal for the whole family.

But before your next barbecue, you need to take some safety precautions. Every year, 7,000 Americans are injured while using barbecue grills.

When you’re grilling out with friends and family this summer, follow these five precautions so that you can avoid injury or damage to property.

Keep your grill away from your home.

Maintain a safe distance from carports, garages and porches. Grills should also not be used underneath awnings or canopies. Grilling in a covered or enclosed space could cause fire to spread throughout the structure.

Clean your grill regularly.

If you allow fat and grease to build up on your grill, they may add fuel to the fire. No matter what type of grill you own, maintenance and cleaning is necessary for a safe barbecue. Before you start, remember to check your manufacturer’s directions.

Complete other cooking tasks first.

Leaving the grill unattended is a recipe for disaster. Plan ahead so that all of your other food preparation is done beforehand so that you can focus where it matters most.

Wear proper clothing.

Despite taking safety measures, burns from grilling do occur from time to time. Protect yourself by wearing a heavy apron and oven mitts that cover your hands, wrist and lower arm.

Keep your phone nearby.

Firefighters say many fire injuries occur when people try to fight a fire themselves instead of calling for assistance. If the fire is out of control, leave it alone, evacuate the space and call 911.

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