A foundation of trust

Health Partner succeeds by building relationships with everyone she encounters

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Helping people is what drives Amanda Griffith, and the bigger the challenge, the more she likes it. That’s why, after a career that spanned work in a skilled nursing facility to substance abuse counseling and child protective services, she was eager to become a MissionPoint Health Partner.

“I know a lot about listening to people and getting to their psycho-social needs,” Amanda says. “As a social worker, I had to be able to take a ‘big picture’ look at what was going on in their lives. As a Health Partner, I am doing the same thing for our Members.”

She meets Members who have been to the emergency room or hospitalized, as well as works alongside physicians whose patients might need the problem-solving savvy a MissionPoint Health Partner can bring to the table.

“Members might need assistance with obtaining food, so I help them with the applications they need to fill out for programs,” Amanda explains. “Or I can pick up donations for them from community organizations. If they’re having trouble paying for medications, then I can help with finding ways to help them take care of that expense. I just hunt down the local resources, then connect our Member with those services that they need.”

Relationships help find valuable support for Members

That means Amanda has an ear to the ground at all times, listening and learning about new avenues of assistance and support that MissionPoint Health Partners can bring to bear for its Members. Those can be physical, social, emotional or behavioral in nature, so she’s always on the lookout.

“I may talk to someone who needs a ramp built at their home, and I’ve got a contact for that,” she says. “Someone else may need help with the application for a transportation service. We sit down and do it together. And if someone needs counseling or a therapist, I can help bring them together and even go along on the appointment to help smooth any nervousness. I’ve even worked with Members myself on some specific issues, only on a temporary basis, but so they’d have some assistance while we were working on a more permanent solution.”

It’s a job that has her mentally and physically all over the map some days, but Amanda says she wouldn’t have it any other way — especially on the “big win” days.

“A day when I help someone get a motorized wheelchair, or a new walker? That’s the ultimate success,” she says. “Any time I can make something happen for someone who’s frustrated and has given up, those are the days I know why I came to work. It’s very fulfilling, and I feel like I am getting a big hug and pat on the back. We can provide so many types of support at MissionPoint, and that’s why we’re a great team. I love being a part of making amazing things happen for people.”

To see how MissionPoint Health Partners can help you, call us at 855-288-6747 or email us at members@missionpointhealth.org.