Feeling Stressed? Learn the Basics of Stress Management

Reducing tension and anxiety can improve emotional and physical health

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Stress can affect us in many areas of our lives. Developing awareness is the first step to bringing balance into a person’s life, according to Brian Woolworth, a MissionPoint Health Partner.

“Reducing our reactivity to stress begins by becoming aware of our body’s response. When we are able to sense the effects of the escalation, then we are able to make the choices to turn our stress response down,” he says. “We can clearly identify the stressors in our lives like money, work and relationship problems but we can’t always change our situation. We can, however, change our minds and how we perceive those stressors.”

Treating Mind and Body

Brian helps members explore methods to reduce their stress with a simple but highly effective approach: Mindfulness Meditation.

“The formal meditation practice lays the foundation for a mindfulness approach to our daily lives,” he says.

“The practice begins very simply and for only a few minutes per day. We observe, non-judgmentally, the nature of our minds and learn to bring our focus to single point such as the breath. Just like lifting a weight over and over, it gets easier with time and the effects are more than obvious.”

Cultivating healthy eating habits, developing proper sleep patterns and getting regular exercise can help reduce stress.

“A continuously elevated stress level is a contributing factor in high blood pressure, cardiac disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression,” Brian says.

Building Rapport

Whether it is with diet, sleep, relaxation techniques or meditation, the benefits of reducing stress can be life-changing. MissionPoint helps members see these benefits in their daily routine.

“Reducing your stress can have a more profound impact on your general health than anything else a person can do for themselves,” Brian says.

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