Filling in for family

MissionPoint helps Member to, through and beyond knee-replacement surgery

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It wasn’t as though Regina Halliburton didn’t know something was wrong. For years her knee had bothered her. Her fears were many, however, so she didn’t seek medical help until she had no choice.

“In 2005 I had a tear in my meniscus, and was advised that I’d need a total knee replacement,” recalls Regina, who works in healthcare. “But my mother had a knee replacement 20 years ago that did not go well, and she ended up losing her leg. I didn’t think that would happen to me, because her situation was very specific, but it was a fear I had. So I procrastinated and did other things, like taking joint supplements. Then came a day when I was taking a patient for a mammogram and my knee buckled. I could not move. I couldn’t function anymore, so I decided to buckle down and do it.”

Regina’s primary care provider referred her to an orthopedic surgeon, and at the same time she was contacted by Health Partner Chris Mimms, a Health Partner from MissionPoint.

The early support meant everything to Regina, who also worried about being out of work and the financial hardship that would cause even with disability payments coming in. And because most of her family is in California, she knew that she’d have a limited pool of support for day-to-day assistance.

“My family and friends were praying for me, and they were supportive, but they are busy, working people,” she says. “I didn’t know who was going to help me. I was confident in my surgeon and healthcare team, and I had faith that I would get through it, but I was anxious.”

Regina had previous experience with MissionPoint Health Partners, having interacted with a Health Partner once before following an episode with high blood pressure. She got some help in making a doctor’s appointment, and says she liked knowing someone was in her corner.

“When I heard from Chris I was very open to utilizing MissionPoint again,” Regina says. “He helped connect me with the right people to deal with some vertigo issues I was having, and over time checked on me and made me feel very appreciated.”

Proactive care means better health more quickly

MissionPoint has teams of Health Partners to provide members help with any issue, wherever they might be in their health journey. Regina received help from multiple teams to not only help navigate her surgery and recovery, but also to make her aware of lifestyle and wellness programs to help her improve her overall health. She eagerly embraced them.

“I knew I would have a better quality of life,” she says. “Just before my surgery, I got involved in the ‘Am I Hungry?’ program so I could begin to work on losing weight. Through that class I was introduced to meditation, and have really incorporated that into my day as a great stress reliever and to bring my blood pressure down.”

As her surgery approached, Regina also began working with another Health Partner, Cassie Driver, to see her through the surgery and into her recuperation period and beyond. Once again, MissionPoint Health Partners had the right person, at the right time, to advance her healing process.

“She has been a light to me,” exclaims Regina. “When I was homebound, she brought me paperwork to fill out, even coming to my home in the rain and even checking my mail for me because I couldn’t get outside. Asking for help is hard when you are an independent woman, but I felt very at ease with her. She helped me with so many administrative things, getting paperwork to the right people so things could happen.”

The surgery was a success, and MissionPoint Health Partners stayed by Regina’s side through her recovery and rehab. Now, a few months later, she’s up and around again, and very thankful for the care provided by her MissionPoint Health Partners “family.”

“I have been working out and hope to get back into water aerobics,” she says. “I have come a long way, and MissionPoint has been my gateway to a successful way of life.”

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