Meet Your Health Partners: Taralyn Muddiman

Health Partner works as problem-solver for Members in multiple markets

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For Taralyn Muddiman, the connection is everything. Whether she’s talking to someone in person or over the phone, the relationship she develops with her Members is her first priority. As a Health Partner, she knows that the Members she talks to are eager for that bond, and she’s just as eager to create it.

“What we’re doing is very progressive for healthcare,” Taralyn says. “We are touching people’s lives in a more comprehensive way. The people I talk to are very happy with the way MissionPoint has approached them, and how they are feeling based on the interactions they are having with us.”

Taralyn is a registered nurse, and has been a MissionPoint Health Partner since February 2015, when she joined MissionPoint’s Pensacola care team. Her husband is an active-duty service member in the U.S. Air Force, and recently they relocated to Louisiana. Now, she works remotely with Members in Florida and Connecticut, making sure that they get the prompt assistance they count on from MissionPoint.

“I talk with people who’ve just been to the emergency room to see what’s going on, and how they are doing now,” she explains. “I am observing their progress, and making sure that everyone gets the help they need, whatever that might be, at the correct point in time.”

As a member of MissionPoint’s Transition Team, Taralyn works with members who are in the hospital, or who have recently been discharged. Her first goal is to make sure that members understand things like discharge instructions, have filled their prescriptions and made any follow-up doctor’s appointments they might need. Then she works with them on any other issues they may have, so that they can get back to their normal activities as soon as possible.

MissionPoint’s Health Partners work with Members in person and remotely by phone and email, allowing them to reach Members in many locations.

Getting members active and engaged

In addition to medical issues, many of her conversations with Members include advice on diet, exercise and other lifestyle issues as well as follow-ups on current medical situations. There, she says, is where MissionPoint can really make a difference.

“People want to live a healthier life, and I try to help them find the tools to take their health into their own hands,” Taralyn says. “We want them seeing their doctor and getting advice, but too often they are waiting until their appointment to take an active role in their health. My job is to move them out of that ‘pre-contemplation’ stage of just sitting and thinking, and get into doing. That’s where we keep members out of the hospital. Getting them engaged in their own preventive care, which includes doctor’s visits for checkups and regular tests, is the way forward. We are trying to get away from treating diseases after they happen, and more toward preventing them from happening, or worsening.”

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