Finding the missing link

St. Mary’s Medical Center physician meets patients’ needs with MissionPoint help

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People can be shy or embarrassed about discussing health matters with their physician, says Stacie Wenk, an internal medicine specialist at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Evansville, Indiana. Her goal is to help her patients feel more comfortable so that they open up and talk about their unique challenges.

“When we first meet with a patient, we break it down and try to focus on helping them first with the basic necessities, so that they can put their full energy into getting healthier,” she says.

Having a MissionPoint Health Partner involved in their care can also increase their engagement and give them support in achieving their wellness goals.

“MissionPoint Health Partners have worked towards closing the gaps in healthcare and guiding their transition,” she says.

Coming full circle

People with complex needs or who have chronic illnesses can benefit from working closely with their Provider and having regular check-ups. Working together with their healthcare team, Dr. Wenk wants people to feel more prepared so they can gain greater understanding of their chronic conditions.

“For patients who are at higher risk or have multiple medical issues, it’s important to dive deeper into whether they understand their illness and their medications and treatment plan,” Dr. Wenk says.

By asking questions and hearing their concerns, Dr. Wenk encourages her patients to feel comfortable and valued. It’s important to her to establish a good rapport early, and she wants people to see her on a regular basis.

“Because patients are often so worried about just surviving, they forget their self-worth. That’s one of the harder parts of medicine,” she says. “I have a real passion for patient care. It’s important that patients know that I really care about them and what happens to their health.”

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MissionPoint Health Partners, soon to be called Ascension Care Management (ACM), is a subsidiary of Ascension.