Meet Your Health Partners: C.J. Johnson

Health Partner helps Members find right direction

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As a Health Partner with MissionPoint Health Partners, C.J. Johnson offers compassion to Members during a challenging time in their lives. He gives them the stability they need to focus on feeling better and living healthier.

“I help Members find resources to try to keep them at home and out of the emergency room,” he says. “That could be in any number of ways, whether I’m connecting them with food, shelter or transportation – or helping them with managing medications. We’ll stay with them throughout the process.”

It’s not just about providing access to resources, but creating a relationship with Members that helps them feel more at ease. C.J. tries to keep the lines of communication open and show them that he respects their time and their particular needs.

“When I first talk with a Member, I’m a stranger. They don’t know me from the man in the moon,” he says. “It’s important to let them know that I’m going to be there for them and that I genuinely care for them. Our relationship is built on trust, and that I have their best interests in mind. I tell them to call me anytime you need me.”

A steady influence

The definition of success is different for each Member. Being a MissionPoint Health Partner means understanding the Member’s perspective and creating a partnership with them.

“I think that for a lot of our Members, once they’ve worked with us, it’s a pleasant surprise to see that we’re helping them taking care of these things that they need to live a healthy life,” C.J. says.

C.J. empowers Members to improve their health and well-being – and seeing their response to that change is rewarding in many ways.

“It makes me feel good that I’m making a change in someone’s life, helping connect people with whatever resources they may need.”

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