Making the connection

Health Partner revels in helping Members find their way to solutions

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Karen Stanley came to MissionPoint Health Partners for one reason: she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and do so as often as possible.

She’s made that dream come true, often multiple times a day. As a Health Partner, she works with Members who may have been diagnosed with chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. She also follows up with Members who have been to the emergency room to see how she might be able to help them with specific health issues or their recovery.

Karen, a registered nurse, interacts with Members in two locations: Twice a week she is at a Saint Thomas Medical Partners same-day care clinic in Nashville, and the other three days she works out of her office at MissionPoint Health Partners’ Nashville office. But whether it’s on the phone or in a face-to-face meeting, she’s helping members change their lives for the better all day long.

“It’s amazing to be a liaison between the care provider and the Member,” she says. “We make sure they understand their provider’s care plan, closing any gaps there as well as navigating the complicated healthcare system. We learn what they need and then help make it happen. That’s the culture of MissionPoint,” she says. “I love how Health Partners really touch the lives of Members, doing things like making home visits to see how they can make a difference. It touches my heart.”

Asking questions, providing answers

Whether she’s meeting with a Member during her clinic hours or helping one who’s called MissionPoint Health Partners for assistance, Karen says she enjoys getting down to specifics.

“I love to engage with them and see how MissionPoint can help,” she explains. “We can set up a course to follow that supports their provider’s care plan, and then I can follow up. Some people need help getting the equipment or supplies to manage a chronic disease, while others may just need some one-time assistance for getting to the doctor, or getting their medications, after a hospital visit or stay. Whatever the gap is, we can step in to fill it.”

And that, she says, makes every day both challenging and rewarding.

“Every Member is unique, and we meet them where they are in their health journey,” she says. “I might spend 45 minutes on the phone with someone who’s really having a tough issue, and then I might spend that same amount of time calling several Members just to check in and see how they are doing. I really enjoy interacting with all these people and making sure they know MissionPoint is here to help them.”

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