Meet Your Health Partners: Dana Wilson

Charting a different course: Health Partner helps Members face challenges, find new paths to success

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When Dana Wilson went to work at Saint Thomas West in 2004, she began as a nurse tech. Over time, she worked her way up, eventually becoming a registered nurse. Along the way she had to overcome obstacles to reach her goal, and now she brings that can-do approach to MissionPoint as a member of the Ambulatory Team, helping members who have been hospitalized get back on their feet.

“I wanted to be more involved with the community side of health care and MissionPoint seemed ideal,” Dana said. “I’d met a Health Partner when she was visiting a patient, and she gave me some insight into what the Transition Team does. When I heard about making sure patients understand all their discharge instructions, following up with them once they got home … there is such a need to make that transition seamless. I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

Prioritization Is Key

Members are often overwhelmed by a barrage of “to-dos” after discharge, Dana says, and are still not feeling well enough to tackle everything. Dana and other Health Partners can step in and help.

“My first question is, ‘What do you need help with?’ and that usually leads to a good conversation about what they need, and where they might be stuck,” she says. “Often they’re expected to know everything about managing their condition, and they don’t have all the information. I can meet them where they are right at that moment, and we can work out a plan of action.”

Older members in particular can be baffled by a complicated post-hospital healthcare regimen, and Dana says that MissionPoint’s other Health Partner teams are invaluable to her in this regard.

“I know that if there are some social needs or billing issues, I can reach out to the Integrated Care or Member Services team, for example,” she explains. “We collaborate a lot with each other, and can always figure out what to do for each particular member. That personalized care really makes a difference.”

Group Approach Yields Results

The team approach means more gets done for members, Dana says.

“We don’t like to tell people no, so we work as hard as we can to get them to where they need to be,” she says. “Whether they can’t afford their medications, or can’t reach someone at the doctor’s office, we’re always going to jump in. Every member and experience is different, so we are always finding new ways to make things happen, then putting that knowledge into the database in our heads, and our files, for the next time. Every day I learn something new, and that’s what I love about being at MissionPoint.”

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