Meet Your Health Partners: Peggy Swann

Meeting Members’ unique needs make Peggy Swann’s busy day ‘perfect’ as she enjoys her ‘dream job’

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Not everybody lands their dream job, but Peggy Swann says she’s one of the lucky ones.

“I had been laid off from a cardiac-rehab facility when it closed, and had been looking at many different options,” said Peggy, a registered nurse and Health Partner on MissionPoint’s Ambulatory Team. “When I heard about the mission here, and then met the people, I knew it was the job I had been praying for.”

The MissionPoint team, she says, really cares about members.

“That’s true of a lot of places,” says the Western Kentucky University grad, “but here you are given the freedom to do your job, and the tools to do it with.”

That’s key for Peggy and the other Health Partners who work on the Ambulatory Team, because they are dealing with members who have chronic diseases or health coaching needs.

“Other teams help people find resources in the community, or work with our members while they are in the hospital, or have just gotten home,” she explains. “Our team meets members who have been to the emergency room or have been at the hospital briefly, and are often working with them after that more as health and wellness coaches.”

The team is going through the Wellcoaches training so they can be even more proactive on that front.

“We want to make sure their needs are being met, no matter what,” Peggy says.

“If there are chronic care needs, we work with health coaches on that. If we see a need for new resources while we work with them, we will bring other teams back in to work alongside us. We do whatever it takes to help our members get to a better place.”

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