A Member Story: Julia Tucker

Health Partners help member tackle immediate problems and create long-term plans

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The last few years have been tough for Julia Tucker. The loss of her mother, heart trouble that led to hospitalization, a change in her Medicare status and rising financial pressures all combined to create nonstop stress. She knew she had some important issues to tackle, but didn’t know where, or how, to start.

“After I got home from the hospital, I had trouble getting some of my prescriptions because the price had gone up,” Julia recalls. “I had begun to receive additional Social Security income after my former husband passed away, and that meant I didn’t qualify for low-income medication assistance through Medicaid any more. I needed my medicine, especially my inhaler, and really didn’t know what to do.”

Following her hospitalization and discharge, Julia had been working with Health Partner Mary Ullrich, a member of MissionPoint’s Ambulatory team. Mary was making sure that Julia was getting to her doctors’ appointments and taking care of her other immediate healthcare needs, but she quickly realized that more help was needed. Enter Health Partner Michelle Williams, a member of the Integrated Care team.

“Mary connected me to Julia because she needed some help with her insurance issues, as well as getting some of her medications,” Michelle says. “Mary was keeping an eye on her health issues, and I stepped in to help with the other issues that were keeping her from being her healthiest.”

Overcoming one obstacle at a time

Because Julia’s breathing issues had been responsible for multiple trips to the emergency room, Michelle and Julia focused on getting her inhaler prescription straightened out. Michelle was able to find a program that provided low-cost inhalers direct from the pharmaceutical company, and so Julia now has the breathing treatment she needs. Then the two worked on other financial issues and created a plan so that Julia could move forward in that area of her life as well.

“As she and I talked and I got to know more about what had been going on with her, and where she was at, we were able to set some priorities,” Michelle says. “That’s what MissionPoint is able to offer our members. As Health Partners, we want to help them with every aspect of their health, whether that’s physical, mental or emotional.”

From Julia’s perspective, MissionPoint’s wraparound coverage was just what she needed, when she needed it most.

“I didn’t know what I qualified for, or how to do the paperwork or anything,” she says. “Michelle has helped me with all that. Mary calls and checks in on me, so I don’t miss any of my appointments. If I misplace the date, I can call her and she’ll get me back on track. I really appreciate that.”

MissionPoint, she continues, “has been a real blessing. My children help me when they can, but they have busy lives. I know that MissionPoint can step in and help me, and I am so appreciative of everything they have done, and continue to do, for me.”

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