Meet Your Health Partners: Kim Kinney

Kim Kinney makes a successful journey from bedside nurse to MissionPoint Health Partner

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Working as a bedside nurse prepared Kim Kinney for her role as a MissionPoint Health Partner. Helping patients was at the core of her job, and she enjoyed making a connection with people and helping them through a difficult time.

“As a nurse, you might have a patient for eight hours, and then you hope when they go home that they follow your care plan,” she says. “Being a Health Partner, I get to monitor the situation and help the person for a longer period of time. It’s very fulfilling as a nurse, since I’m not there at the bedside anymore, to see them make progress.”

Drawing from her own experiences, she has moved easily into her role as a Health Partner with MissionPoint. She works with Members who are in the hospital, or who have recently been discharged. She ensures that they understand discharge instructions and get their prescriptions filled, and helps them make necessary follow-up appointments.

But before she can do all that, Kim first has to overcome some Members’ initial reluctance to ask for help.

“Usually when I introduce myself to Members for the first time, they’re a little nervous,” she says. “After I explain what we as Health Partners can do for them, they get excited and really look forward to us helping them.”

Taking a personal approach

Kim uses that first conversation with a Member to develop a plan that works with their particular needs. From her perspective the most important part of educating is listening.

“Each person is an individual,” she says. “As a Health Partner, you can’t just go in thinking every plan is going to work for each person. When we first meet a Member, we need to meet them where they are and then find out what motivates them so we can engage with them.”

Success often comes in small increments, but Kinney has found her time as a MissionPoint Health Partner to be an ultimately gratifying experience.

“I’m a partner with the Member to help improve their health. I work hard to gain and trust and build a rapport, so I can help them achieve their goals,” she says. “I can see that I’m making an impact and helping people in their lives.”

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