Physician partners with patients to successfully navigate healthcare system

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MissionPoint Health Partners have given people access to valuable resources that can support their health, says Dr. Gary Ayres of St. Vincent Carmel Hospital in Carmel, Indiana. His patients have reaped the benefits of having someone who can help them solve a problem or achieve a goal.

“I think MissionPoint Health Partners has done a really job of educating patients and helping them to maneuver through the healthcare system,” he says. “They are available to answer any questions and make sure that they understand all the patient’s needs.”

Having this support gives Providers like Dr. Ayres the ability ensure that people receive the care they need and that they understand their chronic conditions, instructions and medications.

Often there are many people involved in a patient’s overall health — there needs to be one person ensuring that all treatments, tests and procedures are ordered and not duplicated. A primary care physician has that role, but it can be overwhelming; MissionPoint Health Partners help a great deal.

“Coordination of care allows patients not to fall through the cracks. The patient gets better care and more timely care,” he says. “Before, patients may have had no one follow up with them.”

Putting suggestions into practice

Taking medications as prescribed is one of the most important and at times challenging parts of staying healthy, according to Dr. Ayres. Adjusting or skipping doses can prevent you from achieving your health goals.

“There’s a great deal of confusion and difficulty understanding new medications, what they do and when to take them,” he says. “People need assistance with their prescriptions, and a Health Partner can help with that.”

Chronic diseases in particular are generally difficult to manage and expensive to treat. For those patients, Dr. Ayres is seeing tremendous progress when they’re paired with a Health Partner.

He shares the example of one patient in particular, a woman who had a long history of congestive heart failure and anemia.

“She’s on a better diet plan now and is taking all of her medications properly so they are doing their job. Her care has been coordinated for her,” he says. “That’s what we continue to hope for: With a little help, we want to help people feel better and live longer.”

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MissionPoint Health Partners, soon to be called Ascension Care Management (ACM), is a subsidiary of Ascension.