Putting it all together

Health Partner meets the challenges in coordinating mental and physical wellness

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As a mental-health counselor and social worker, Chad Baconnier has spent a lot of time helping children and adults get the help they need to overcome challenging situations. When he saw how MissionPoint Health Partners works to provide holistic care for its Members, addressing the whole person instead of just their physical health, he knew he wanted to take part.

“I’ve had a lot of experience in coordinating care, and I’ve also done clinical work with individuals and families, so I wanted to learn more about what they were doing on the mental health side,” Chad says. “I didn’t know much about population health, but my experience really lined up with what they were talking about in terms of services for Members.”

As a Health Partner, Chad works with Members who are dealing with mental and emotional issues that are affecting their health adversely. Sometimes it might be depression or anxiety around a physical condition, or it might be a substance abuse problem that, in turn, is causing health issues.

“A lot of people have underlying issues, and the mind-body connection is such that if you’re not feeling well mentally, you’re not going to be successful physically,” he explains. “We spend a lot of time helping people get, or get to, the resources to become successful. We are coaching them in many ways, but we’re also a clinical partner who is offering very tangible solutions as well as cheering them on.”

Chad is uniquely qualified to quickly and compassionately get to the root of what’s going on. Before coming to MissionPoint Health Partners, he spent time working as an investigator for children’s protective services agencies and performing intake assessments for adults battling mental health and addiction.

As he learned from working with children, families and at-risk adults, there has to be a bond or there won’t be much progress. For that reason, he works hard to build a relationship with Members who need his help.

“I want to know them, and that way I can find out what’s going on,” he says. “Then I can help in the short term, and over time transfer them to someone who can provide the longer-term mental health treatment or service that they need.”

Chad says being a strong connection between Members and their care providers is the most exciting thing about his job. MissionPoint Health Partners fulfills a critical role in the healthcare system, he notes, and it’s one that continues to expand and evolve.

“When I am working with a physician or a Member and letting them know what MissionPoint can do, and how we can help, it’s very satisfying,” he says. “We can be that bridge to better, more effective care.”

Chad often partners with other Health Partners to provide the wraparound care MissionPoint Health Partners is known for. For instance, a Member may be working with another Health Partner for some health coaching around weight loss or smoking cessation. Chad will come in to see how that Member is progressing on underlying psycho-social or mental health needs that may have been identified. It’s a collaboration between Health Partners and Members that gets results.

“We are growing and changing, and so the ways we help Members is evolving as well,” Chad says. “We are able to help Members make a real difference in their lives.

To see how MissionPoint Health Partners can help you, call us at 855-288-6747 or email us at members@missionpointhealth.org.