Three Easy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Start small with your goal-setting for good results

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Jan. 1 is a day full of promise, but by Jan. 15 most of those noble goals have been tossed by the wayside. For your New Year, instead of biting off more than you can chew, why not set some small, attainable — but very important — goals? Try these on for size:

Get Some Z’s

Even if you think you can get by with five or six hours of sleep a night, the gold standard remains eight hours. The benefits include weight control (if you’re not tired, you’re more likely to exercise), better memory and clearer thinking, and even an improved immune system. A recent study showed that people who slept seven hours or less a night were almost three times as likely to catch a cold than those who got eight hours of rest.

Take The Stairs

Sure, you’ve joined, or renewed, that gym membership. But did you know that this is one of the first annual goals most people let slide? Set realistic exercise goals, ones that you can incorporate into your everyday life. A prime example? Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or park as far away from the office as possible so you’re walking more to and from the car every day.

Breakfast Is Better

The body needs fuel in the morning, and breakfast is the way to recharge that engine. It doesn’t have to be a four-course, sit-down affair, either. Research some easy, healthy options and then build an extra 10 minutes into your morning to eat.

Need Some Help?

It’s easy to think up new habits, but often it’s hard to implement them. MissionPoint’s Health Partners can help you with managing stress, a better diet, weight loss and much, much more. Give us a call to find out more!

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