Seeing Yourself as a Self-Improvement Project

How you can train your brain to stay focused on your health goals

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Most people quit their diet or exercise program because they’re looking for immediate results. MissionPoint Health Partners help people by creating realistic goals and encouraging a positive attitude.

“We first ask the person what their obstacles are,” says Cindy Flathmann, Health Partner. “We figure out their particular barriers and who serves as their support system. But in the end, it has to be a change they want.”

Here’s how you can hold yourself accountable so that your health and wellness goals stay intact.

You don’t have to do 
it alone

Flathmann encourages members to have friends and family take on the challenge with them. Having a workout buddy or cooking companion can provide just the right amount of support. A MissionPoint Health Partner works in much the same way.

“Our members are not going to be judged or badgered to do something,” she says. “I help them map out a plan and then connect back with them to see what obstacles they’re experiencing.”

Change doesn’t happen overnight

Most people begin by cutting out favorite foods from their diet or spending three hours at the gym every day. That’s the wrong strategy for long-term success.

“It’s better if they have a focus and specific goals to obtain with regard to weight loss or exercise,” Flathmann says. “These goals have to be realistic or it will be more challenging.”

As long as you maintain a healthy routine most of the time, you can make small allowances with your diet. Ignoring your cravings completely can lead to irritability or mood swings.

“If you’re going to have a Hershey’s bar or ice cream, that means you’re going to have to walk an extra mile or two,” Flathmann says. “Exercise can even be a healthy alternative to eating.”

Don’t be discouraged by small setbacks

It’s not a lost cause if you skip your yoga class or slip in an extra piece of pizza during dinner.

“We try not to look at them as failures,” Flathmann says. “Don’t punish yourself. Healthy living is a learning experience.”

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