Meet Your Health Partners: Cassie Driver

Tackling Members’ emotional issues leads to innovative solutions

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After working as the director of social services in a long-term care facility, Cassie Driver knew that quality healthcare meant more engagement between all service providers. When she heard about MissionPoint Health Partners’ integrated care, she knew she was in the right place.

“Having Health Partners in the doctor’s office, as well as being more involved in wellness and prevention, was something I really had seen a big need for,” Cassie says. “The atmosphere at MissionPoint is very different; you walk in and see everyone working toward the same goal. We are all invested in doing the good work of helping people. It’s not just a job for us.”

Making the connection

After graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran College, she attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville to obtain a human development counseling degree. As a Health Partner, she uses her knowledge to help Members connect with mental health providers and other community resources.

“I meet our Members two different ways,” Cassie explains. “If someone has been hospitalized or visited the emergency room for an issue concerning mental health, or is dealing with an issue that requires emotional support or help involving financial resources, I will meet with them. The other way is if a Member is working with another Health Partner on a physical issue, and he or she is experiencing something like depression, then they’ll bring me on board.”

Cassie says that she’s driven to help people find resources before their situations worsen, which ties into MissionPoint Health Partners’ focus on wellness and preventive care, no matter what the underlying issues might be.

“I had been in long-term care before, dealing with people at their sickest point, and I so often saw that if someone had been at the right place, at the right time, then more could have been done earlier,” she says. “I feel like I’m that person now. If I can talk to a Member after they leave the emergency room, then I can help them find solutions so they’re not back there in two weeks. If someone is depressed, for example, I can call around to find a therapist who’s accepting new clients. I can do that lifting for the Member, help take down those barriers to get someone the help they need.”

Team approach yields solid results

In fact, Cassie says she has seen many times how working with more than one Health Partner can help Members achieve short- and long-term health and wellness goals quicker and more effectively.

“If I can get some counseling set up, then that’s a big thing taken off his or her plate,” she says. “Then they can focus on their health coaching, their medical issues and the rest of their life. I really enjoy it when a Member puts all their needs out there, and then we can put our heads together and come up with a plan.”

Seeing that progress, whether it’s achieving a major milestone or just beginning a wellness journey, makes every day exciting for Cassie.

“It feels so awesome to be able to help someone take those little steps when they didn’t even realize they had possibilities,” she says, “It brings me a lot of joy when someone tells me I helped them accomplish something. To know that you’re addressing an issue no one realized existed, it’s so affirming to me. It doesn’t have to be huge; one day it might be helping someone get into a new apartment, the next it might be signing a Member up for a service so they can get a food box.”

It’s all the steps, both large and small, that are allowing Cassie, her fellow Health Partners and MissionPoint itself to redefine healthcare.

“We really are changing how it works,” she says. “The doctors we work with are handling Members’ medical needs, and in the past they have been frustrated because they don’t get the full picture of what might be going on with a Member. Now we are able to go in and uncover some of those issues, such as someone not eating the right diet, or something in the home that’s preventing progress. When we bring those issues to the doctors, it helps them work with that Member much more effectively and progress can be made.”

It all comes down to goals, she says.

“When we talk with a Member, it’s about what they want, and what they need,” she explains. “We may offer suggestions and ask questions. We can help clarify those goals that way, and see what’s most important to that Member, what he or she wants to take care of first. They see me face to face, either in the doctor’s office or in their home, and they know they are important to me. We build an interpersonal relationship with the Member, come to see their point of view, and then can join with them to better understand what needs to be done next.”

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