It is widely recognized that good health is a cornerstone on which many future successes are dependent. MissionPoint Health Partners is committed improving the overall health of communities where we work. Through partnerships with community organizations, we are able to impact the community beyond the members we serve.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

MissionPoint has partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee in a joint initiative to study the impact of nutrition on food-insecure members with challenging chronic diseases. MissionPoint understands that there are many factors – both clinical and non-clinical – that impact a member’s well-being. Illnesses and medical disorders can present substantial financial challenges forcing tough choices and tradeoffs to keep food on the table. For example, according to a study by Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and Feeding America, 80 percent of households report choosing between food and medicine or medical care in 2014.

In late 2014, we launched an program offering healthy meals to members who had specific health issues to investigate if access to healthy food could reduce specific key health measurements, including weight and high blood pressure. We offered low-sodium, low-fat meals to each member of the household over eight weeks. Meals were delivered weekly by MissionPoint and during each home visit, our Health Partners measured members’ weight and blood pressure. To further measure outcomes, participants completed a brief survey on disease symptoms, activities of daily living, exercise, medication use and visits to the doctor.

Our initial program was successful in driving down the average weight of each participant and allowed us to build strong relationships with members and caregivers. We are continuing to work with Second Harvest to refine and grow the program and look forward to a long-term partnership.