Rooted in feedback from physicians and co-founded by a group of physicians, MissionPoint’s population health model gives you more time to do what you do best: care for your patients.

One of our core aims is to enrich the lives of physicians and providers. We truly value our providers and place an emphasis on supporting those caregivers who oversee the health of our more than 250,000 members across the country.

To do this, we use three key tools:

  • Expanded financial incentives including shared savings payments for exceeding quality measures, improving access and reducing costs.
  • Health Partners who ensure care is supported in the home and community: An extension of the provider’s practice, Health Partners are experienced healthcare professionals and social workers who help coordinate care, problem-solve complex issues, and remove barriers to self-care.
  • Powerful technology platforms improve physician support and increase access to member records. Our advanced analytics give us insight into when members need help from Health Partners, also allowing us to identify population trends that guide clinical interventions.

To learn more about how we work with providers, watch our short animated video below or see how MissionPoint worked directly with a provider in to help her efficiently care for her patients.

We are MissionPoint: For Providers

MissionPoint Health Partners: Dr. Leah Cordovez’s Story

Learn more about MissionPoint’s story, or read how Health Partners helped one member make progress on a chronic health condition.

MissionPoint’s networks are nonexclusive.* Participation in them does not preclude physicians and providers from participating with other products, programs or payers. Physicians can choose which of MissionPoint’s networks or products they would like to participate in.

Have questions about joining our network? Call us at (855) 288-6747 or email us at

*with the exception of the Medicare Shared Saving Program (MSSP).