To The Point

SNF liaisons are an important tool in value-based care

Embedding a liaison to help transition people from SNFs to home lowers costs

Whether you are an accountable care organization (ACO) or operate under a bundled payment, or any type of value-based payment model, skilled nursing facility utilization and cost are a major area of focus. Not only is it a major source of healthcare expenditure, but people would much rather reside at home.

Aiming to drive satisfaction, savings, and health outcomes for patients, MissionPoint Health Partners sought to measure the impact of a clinical liaison for patients at skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Traditionally, many patients struggle with the SNF-to-home transition, and the lack of adequate coordination is thought to increase their stay and cost. MissionPoint set out to ease that transition and speed patients’ recovery by implementing a SNF liaison by assigning a dedicated person to work with SNFs to meet the needs of Members within managed populations. This person was very focused on the barriers to successful transitions from the facility to home.

We found that when a Member had worked with our SNF liaison at the facility, their average length of stay was 4.4 days shorter with a cost savings on average of $912.23 per Member. Those that had shorter lengths of stay and lower costs had the same level of acuity needs and disease burden as those who stayed longer.

Having a dedicated SNF liaison, focusing on the total needs and not just medical concerns, made a difference at not only getting members home sooner, but also lowering costs, thus creating true value.

This To The Point was written by Jordan Asher, MD, MS, Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer. You can read more of Dr. Asher’s thoughts on value-based healthcare and healthcare reform at his blog, The Positive Contrarian.